Fall recap

Yikes! I haven’t posted anything, at all, for a while. Blame in on Facebook. Really, since I joined fb I’ve neglected my blog. It’s a lot easier to throw photos onto it. But, here is a photo recap of fall in Portland (and surrounding area).

Fall 2009-0

Moving to a new home was a whirlwind

Fall 2009-1

But we survived and made it warm with friends

Fall 2009-2

Fall 2009-3

We visited Mt. Hood for the Apple Festival

Fall 2009-4

Fall 2009-5

We picked apples

Fall 2009-6

Fall 2009-7

and got our pumpkins

Fall 2009-8

for lots and lots of jack-o-lanterns

Fall 2009-9

(left to rt) Wicked Witch of the West, George W. Bush, and Skinny


Fall 2009-10

The neighborhood has been very bikable, and we often get to bike to school

Fall 2009-11

Fall 2009-12

JC's first crash

Fall 2009-13

Safety first when we rake leaves

Fall 2009-14

Random pieces of wood...

Fall 2009-15

that we get creative with. Better than Legos! (and cheaper)


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