Steps we can take to save the planet

Another Earth Day, and… whatevs…

But I always like the thoughts that come from, and I really appreciate their recent article Earth Day: 10 Big, Really Hard Things We Can Do to Save the Planet. Here’s their list (comments in parenthesis are mine):

  1. Eliminate nuclear weapons
  2. Stabilize the bottom billion (people – not dollars you ‘bad economy’ worrier, you)
  3. Create a globally transparent society (man I wish government would truly embrace the power of web 2.0 – could be true democracy)
  4. Be prepared, globally (um, be prepared locally, too)
  5. Empower women
  6. Enable a future forward diet (eat local)
  7. Document all life
  8. Negotiate an effective climate treaty
  9. Build bright green cities
  10. Build no new highways (and NO CRC ; )
  11. (Ride your bike)

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