An air of protest

Spring is here, a time of renewal – the flowers, the warmth, the baby raccoons eating your kids’ Easter eggs at one in the morning (true story!) – but most telling for me is the creative dissent that pops up in Portland, seemingly stronger in spring.

Had to laugh at this one. McDonald’s trying to shoulder its way into Stumptown, and the hipsters not having it.


Then the kids and I joined in the fun at the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) protest on the waterfront. My ‘demonically adorable‘ boys even made the local press. I’m so proud… and only a little bit embarrassed.


A couple of elders have smirked at my fathering duties, but man(!), the one thing I know about stopping corporatocracy and explosive growth, is that it is our kids‘ fight.  Today’s recession is rough, but if we double/triple/quadruple our debt, can you even imagine  what type of world they will live in…?

Ah, the text generation...

Ah, the text generation...

We all need to stand up and be heard. And being creative helps (I hope ; )



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