PBOT Budget Request

Yesterday, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) released their budget request in which funding for safe routes to school, bike boulevards, and other bike/walking projects were cut or went unfunded.

Below is my letter to the Mayor and Commissioners. Please call or email them and let them know about your transportation priorities.

Dear Mr. Mayor and Commissioners,

While I could take this opportunity to stand on my soap box and solidly argue why you should only fund bicycle and pedestrian projects in your transportation budget, I think Portland’s reputation as a progressive city is due to the fact that we are shifting away from car culture slowly by funding many transportation options.

That being said, how can you cut bike and pedestrian projects in your transportation budget?! Especially (ESPECIALLY) safe routes to school? It is bad enough that our generation is rooted in car culture, but we have a choice to give future generations options on how to get around our walkable and bikeable city rather having to rely on an internal combustion engine.

The most ridiculous comment I heard in the blogosphere since the PBOT budget was requested was that safe routes to school should be cut because parents should be teaching their kids how to walk and bike.

Quite frankly, our children need to be teaching us.

Please fund biking and walking projects in Portland. Correction… OVER-fund biking and walking projects in Portland.

Scott Yelton


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