Keep Amy Ruiz!

Except in conversations with my closest friends, I haven’t expressed an opinion on Portland’s mayor, Sam Adams. Because, whatevs… it’s a sex scandal and there’s nothing juicier, so everyone will have an opinion. I’ll save mine for now. But this continued questioning of Sam’s choice in hiring Amy Ruiz as a policy adviser on sustainability and planning HAS GOT TO STOP! (I apologize for yelling)

This is Amy Ruiz we’re talking about! The hot-shit reporter who always shed light on the real story for the Portland Mercury. Read We Don’t Want It about the Columbia River Crossing last July (long before all of this “cover up” name calling started), when she was the only one speaking publicly about how insane a 12-lane bridge is. She wrote:

A massive bridge is incompatible with Portland’s values of sustainability and livability, and it’s irresponsible in an era where we should be doing all we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—not make driving easier.

Even in December when she wrote Shake it Up and gushed over the formation of the Bureau of Sustainable Planning and Development (at a time when she was actively seeking the position) she didn’t sugar coat anything.

[BSPD] marries OSD’s work in green building programs, food security, and renewable energy with the Bureau of Planning’s efforts to… well, plan for Portland’s future—a future where we can handle peak oil and combat global warming by planning communities where driving is optional and homes are energy efficient. [emphasis mine]

The lady mentions peak oil publicly and gets hired by the city? She rides her bike and gets hired for strategic planning? THIS GIVES ME HOPE PEOPLE! (I don’t apologize for yelling)

If tapes mysteriously appeared of Adams and Ball strategizing on how to silence Ruiz, it still wouldn’t persuade me that she was hired inappropriately. There is still a small part of me that hopes that someone with “credentials in sustainability” (it’s not that old of a movement) to step forward and provide an easy answer, but that’s possible anymore. There is no magic pill to take to keep us all fed. No vacuum cleaner to suck up pollution. No never ending oil supply to keep us tooling around in our cars.

The growth economy is dead, so thank God ‘idiot Sam’ had enough wisdom to hire someone to remind us of that.


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