24 hours on Facebook

I avoided joining Facebook for the longest time, and for a variety of reasons. Most of which aren’t 100% clear to me. I think the funniest, and probably the most truthful reason, has a lot to do with what Live portrays in this music video (pointed out to me by my bestie, Clint). I can’t count how many conversations I’ve had with people – mostly women – who were so excited about Facebook and wanted me to share in their enthusiasm. I dutifully said no each time and tackled the interactive internet using my own personal obsessions (yay wikis!)

But then I caved. I can’t even remember why – oh! it was because I saw that the Web 2.0 Expo had a facebook page (among, uh-hum, other reasons). And I basically jumped in with both feet. Well, maybe with one foot – I was wary of how Facebook worked, so I sent invites cautiosly.

In the zone.

In the FB zone.

Still, it didn’t take long to get hooked. If you know one person, you end up knowing four others. And when you know four people,  you end up knowing a GAZILLION others. And then you’re obsessed, and if you’re not online checking your profile, you’re walking down the street wondering if anyone has posted anything on your wall and can’t wait to pop open your laptop to check.

And that you know so many people. Literally… or at least you have the opportunity to. Spending 15 minutes with someone’s info, photos, and scrolling through their history gives you a pretty good impression of their life. Enough information, at least, to get your brain to  jump to 1000s of conclusions (unless your brain is as zen-like as mine ; )

So you know everyone, and everyone knows you. And it makes a complicated world that much more complicated – and fun and interesting and connected… I won’t argue that – but it has so much ability to be like day-to-day life that it interfered with my day-to-day life.

I can’t handle it. Maybe I’m just getting old and can’t hang with Gen 2.0 and their fancy technology anymore? Give me the good ol’ days of blogs and tweets.

So I pulled the plug. I’m going Facebook free cold-turkey. TG it was only 24 hours, so the only potential side effects are an increase in blog posts and uploads to my Flickr account (I really liked the photo feature on fb… if anything ever pulls me back it’ll be that) – ARGHHHHHH! only 24 hours and I’m making up reasons why I’d go back. I’m a junkie!


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