A new neighborhood…

Through various channels of communication, I’ve let it be known that I recently moved into a new house (one of those ways being this blog), but what you may not know – because I didn’t know! – is that I’ve moved into a new neighborhood! I’m now in Richmond!

Why so many exclamation points?  Because 1) it’s so exciting, and 2) because I didn’t know!  See, I should know.  I’ve been neck deep in neighborhood news, events, controversies, conspiracies, bureaucracies, compromises, growth, etc. etc. that I should have known I was moving into a new neighborhood. I should have read in some memo, somewhere, what the Mt. Tabor neighborhood boundaries are (what’s sad is that I have read that memo – several of them – but apparently didn’t commit it to memory.

SE 50th and Hawthorne

SE 50th and Hawthorne

One to use common sense (sometimes), I simply figured that a move three (maybe four) blocks away would put me in the same neighborhood. Looking back over the details, however, it makes a whole lot of sense that crossing SE 50th would highlight a possible neighborhood divide. Especially that the kids and I helped plant the new traffic calming device that was put in at the Hawthorne intersection earlier this year (the one announcing the MT TABOR NEIGHBORHOOD in lava rock) – yeah… I may sometimes have common sense, but I’m still one sandwich short of a picnic.

My saving grace, however, is that even though I didn’t know the physical boundaries of the differing neighborhoods, I knew it was different from my first night here.  There are the obvs differences, such as the close knit houses (which says so much in and of itself), but there’s an underlying current here that is vastly different than the feel of the Mt. Tabor neighborhood. It’s not that it’s better – and I have great connection with Mt. Tabor folks (not to mention the park) – but Richmond feels more… me.

Stay tuned for more unravelling to find out why.

'48 Dodge parked outside my house.

'48 Dodge parked outside my house


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