It’s amazing how if you don’t write/update your blog, traffic to your sight plummets.  So much is happening, though, all of which makes perfect blogging material, but the one man show can only take so much.

So I went out today and did a ridiculous thing – well, ridiculous for these economic trying times, but FANTASTIC for these interactive communication times – and bought one of the new MacBooks.  OMG it’s beautiful… it needs to have a protective rubber over the keyboard, though, because I keep drooling on it 😉

So maybe this one man show can pull off multi-tasking and telling the world how to do so at the same time?  Or maybe I could run myself into the ground attempting to do so?  Only time will tell.

One thing is certain, though, the local economy is gonna get a nice bump as I increase my presence at wifi spots across the city.


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