Two Wheels!

JC put his training wheels away for good this weekend.

JC put his training wheels away for good this weekend.

Both of the boys learned to bike on two wheels this weekend.  Jason decided we could take his training wheels, and pedals, off so he could get the feel for coasting.  He didn’t think it was that fun pushing slowly up the sidewalk with his feet, so we put the pedals back on, and after pushing him from behind for about 10 yards, he took off.

Drew, wanting to be like his big brother, took his training wheels off, too, but just couldn’t quite get the hang of me letting go.  He was determined, though, and after I asked if he wanted his trainers back on, he took offense and found his center the next time I let go.

After some practice and instructions from their big sister, they both learned how to start off on their own, and they spent all weekend biking up and down the street.  They even talked me into biking with them to Clinton Park (which is often tough walking three kids to), where they spent hours fine tuning their new skills on the hard top.


Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down (they also don't know how to brake).

Key to their success?  I think it’s primarily due to two things: teamwork – they all fed off each others new knowledge, which exponentially increased their confidence (they learned a lot simply by chasing after Syd), and learning to ride on/near the autumn equinox.  There is something to be said about Earth being in perfect “balance” as the sun travels directly along the equator.  There is no other reason to explain how Drewy can keep his balance.  He amazes me, and scares me.  Good thing he’s only two inches off the ground.


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