Grandma Marie 1922 – 2008

Grandma Marie and Granpda Jodie

Grandma Marie and Granpda Jodie

My grandmother, my dad’s mom, died last night at the age of 86.  She’d been ill for awhile now, so it wasn’t much of a surprise… but death is always surprising.

I wasn’t around her much growing up, but the memories I do have of her are vivid.  When I was a child, she worked in the bakery at Super Save, and when we would stop in she’d make us fresh donuts. The donut machine was right in the middle of the aisle, so you’d get to watch the tube spit out blobs of dough onto a conveyor belt that would then take them up, up, up and drop them off a cliff into the bubbling oil. I think that’s where my fear of roller coasters comes from.

She was also the first person I knew who had chickens – well, baby chicks… I don’t think I ever got to see them grow into full-sized hens. Or are those what we had for dinner the next time we saw her? I just put that together now (it’s that Master’s degree rubbing off on me).  Interesting that I was allowed to watch the doughnut drop into the firey depths of hell, but was shielded from how the chicken made it to my plate.  At least now all my food comes pre-packaged in cellophane with death thoroughly sanitized from the process. Thank goodness.

Interesting that my childhood memories of her are the first to spring to mind. As my grandma grew older, her mind slipped back to those days (and before) as Alzheimer’s set in.  It’s been nearly 20 years since she’s looked upon me with present day eyes – instead seeing only her “little totter.”

I wish I would have asked her about the chickens.

Love you Grandma. Love you all.


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