A day away…

Syd, Jas, and Drew on the Sandy River

Syd, Jas, and Drew on the Sandy River

There was a moment today, after lunch, when I realized I could either do something memorable or buckle down and clean the house. Though the house needs a deep clean, I’ve been cooped up it in for too long with schoolwork and I was going stir crazy. So the kids and I took a little trip to Oxbow Park and had an amazing time.

After watching the kids get more into their surroundings – starting with dipping their feet in the water and, later, swimming up and down the river acting like sea otters – how amazing nature is. I know this – hell, I just earned my Master’s degree studying the benefits of nature – but I’ve gone away from it for a while now. For good and bad I’ve been in front of the computer too much lately, which isn’t bad if I balance it with getting outdoors… but this is something I haven’t done.

The waves and waves of goodness from the Sandy River provided a helpful reminder, though.


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