It’s not a tumor

Each year on my birthday, I get the urge to wax poetic about my life.  This usually turns out to be me whining about the woes of getting old, but this year I was determined it would be different.  No more worrying about the little aches and pains that accompany my climb into old age… I’d just talk about the good stuff. But I’m afraid I can’t avoid it.

Yesterday I was immersed in my final school paper when I took a break to rub my eyes and temples to ward off the stress that was accumulating.  When I did this, I noticed that my left temple was soar and I couldn’t figure out why.  Immediately my mind jumped to the conclusion that I could have a tumor.  I mean really… what does a tumor feel like?  And I am getting older, so these are things I should probably concern myself with.

Thankfully, almost as quickly, I remembered that only the day before I was wrestling with my kids and Andrew kneed me in the head – hence the small bump.  I breathed a sigh of relief, but it’s funny how I, thanks to getting long in the tooth, jumped to a conclusion I wouldn’t have jumped to when I was younger.

Yay… happy old age 😉


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