Poor Obama

(Fast forward a couple of months from now to November 2008 )

The 2008 presidential elections turn out to be more contested and fraudulent than those of 2000 and 2004. Rather than engage in a lengthy recount and legal battle, the two parties decide to forgo tradition and resolve the issue of who won by having Obama and McCain compete in a week long ice-fishing derby in Michigan, a key battleground state. The candidates will be dropped off at the lake’s edge and it will be up to them, and them alone, to use their wits, stamina, and expertise in the fishing face-off.

After day one of the derby, Obama returns from the ice with no fish. McCain, on the other hand, returns with 10. No worries, the Democrats contend, there are still four days left.

Day two is more of the same; Obama comes back empty handed, and McCain ups his total by catching 15 more fish.

Day three is just as unkind to Barack, as he hooks a big fat zero and John tacks on 20 more.

On the morning of day four, with the count McCain 45 and Obama 0, Nancy Pelosi takes Barack aside for a little strategy session. “Listen,” she says. “McCain is a cheating son-of-a-bitch. Forget about fishing today and pay close attention to what he’s doing out there.  We’ll catch him in the act, expose his lies, and the presidency will be ours.”

At the end of that long day, Obama returns to the Democratic headquarters, where he meets an anxious Pelosi. “So tell me, how is McCain exploiting the system?”

“You won’t believe it,” replies Obama. “He’s out there cutting holes in the ice!”

~ “paid” for by the Power to the People Committee Cynthia McKinney for President (www.runcynthiarun.org)


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