Bienvenidos a Tulum

Greetings from the Yucutan!

Sydney and I made it safely to Mexico on Tuesday, taking two of the most pleasant flights I have ever had (and even with an 8 year old!) We were greeted with sun and humidity, both of which have been intense, but it´s also extremely relaxing, and we are both getting into the groove down here.

And so as not to get too homesick, mother nature has sent us some rain, but not like Portland rain.  Inches at a time, but only for a minute or two, then the storm pushes through and we get more sun. I watched the most amazing lightening storm come in over the Carribean Sea last night, with wind that chased me back into my cabanna where I battened down the hatches, only to wake to calm seas this morning. Oh, and awoke to mega mosquitoes… They´re thick down here, and though they bother me, they really get to Sydney. Asking why she is the one getting bit and not me, I tell her the truth – it´s because I´m so damn bitter and she´s so sweet 🙂

And speaking of sweet, I´m getting off this computer and heading back down to the beach. Will write more soon.

All our love.

Scott y Sydney


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