In Idaho…

Change is apparent everywhere.  It took me just over 17 miles after crossing the Idaho state border before spotting a “W” sticker. I used to have to pull over at the state line and take a short quiz to prove my loyalty to Bush. I wish I could remember what the questions were… I just remember answering “9/11” and “lemme keep mah guns,” which got me through every time.

To be honest, the “W” sticker sort of freaked me out – it’s been over 18 months since I’ve seen one.  And the aggressiveness of truckers and Hummer drivers got to me, but 200 miles across the state border I passed a Prius…  And they were carpooling!

Si sue puede!

Anyway, we made it safely to Idaho Falls.  You know, for as expensive as gas prices are, I feel extremely privileged to get the four of us safely across two states for $120.


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