From Stumptown to the Yucatan

Veering away from academia, city politics, and my life in Stumptown, my first post deals with a different topic and different region of the globe.  My daughter, Sydney, and I are leaving for Mexico next week with our good friends Cori and Arion.  The kids and I leave for Idaho tomorrow so that the boys can play with their grandparents, and then Syd and I leave from Salt Lake City on Tuesday to travel around the Yucatan.  We’ll be back in Portland around July 21st.

We’ll be blogging from Mexico, so take a peak back and find out what we’re up to.

If the affairs of Stumptown are of more interest to you, please visit my other blog:  On it, I will be posting chapters from my culminating project I recently finished to earn my Master of Science degree at Portland State University.  My project researches community engagement, specifically delving into the recent partnership between the City of Portland and the community on the future use of land on Mt. Tabor.


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